LaCie has announced its 11MB per second (MBps) SuperDLT Drive in the UK. The Dupli-125 is also available from today.

The SuperDLT Drive offers 220GB compressed capacity on each cartridge. The drive is backward compatible with previous generations of DLTtape drives, which offer just one third the data capacity of LaCie's solution.

George Leptos, LaCie's UK product manager, said: "As storage requirements increase, organisations often lose their ability to complete backups on a single tape. This puts users at risk, because they tend to postpone backing up their data until someone has the time to monitor the task." The drive costs £3,395 and is Mac, Unix, Linux, NetWare and Windows-compliant.

CD copying The Dupli 125 is a CD duplicator equipped with one DVD-ROM drive and five 12x-10x-32x drives. It will record five CD-RWs in under six minutes, according to LaCie.

The duplicator offers a user-friendly interface, and has built-in error-correction features to prevent faulty CD-burning sessions. The Dupli 125 costs £1,795, and is available through LaCie's accredited resellers.