LaCie has announced its palm-sized CD-RW, the PocketDrive.

The handheld unit is both USB and FireWire compatible, and measures 158-x-152mm. Two varieties will be available - the 4x-4x-24x ships in January and costs £299, and the 8x-4x-24x ships in February and costs £339.

Shock proof The PocketDrive CD-RW's body casing acts as a shock absorber. The drive is hot pluggable, and can recognize which I/O it is connected to automatically.

The unit can also be daisy-chained with other FireWire products, as it has two FireWire ports on board. It can take its power directly from the Mac, or from the mains.

The LaCie PocketDrive CD-RW will be available at the beginning of 2001. Each unit ships with cables, a power adaptor, one rewritable and one recordable CD. The bundled software includes Toast 3.8 and DirectCD for Mac.