LaCie has launched two FireWire backup solutions - the AIT+ drive and the DDS-3 (Digital Data Storage) tape drive.

The high-end AIT (advanced intelligent tape) backup system has a capacity of 70GB, while the DDS-3 (digital data storage) backup drive offers 24GB. Both models offer backup for small to medium-sized networks and servers.

The $1,549 FireWire AIT+ drive uses 8mm AIT tapes that hold up to 70GB of compressed data. Priced at $74 each, the company claims they can be used up to 30,000 times. AIT+ media also has memory chips for faster data-retrieval.

The $899 FireWire DDS-3 tape drive is designed to protect small server and workstation data. It has a compressed-data capacity of 24GB per cartridge, which are priced at $17 each.

The DDS-3 is backward compatible with DDS, DDS-DC and DDS-2 formats.

In the event of hard-drive failure or data corruption, the drive's one-button disaster recovery restores the operating system, configuration, applications and data files to their most current state.

Dantz's Retrospect backup software for Mac bundles with both drives.

UK pricing is currently unavailable.