LaCie has launched its highest capacity portable drive – the LaCie Big Disk – in 500GB and 400GB models.

The LaCie Big Disk archives or backs-up large amounts of information: 500GB is equivalent to the total capacity of about 12 standard computers.

Boasting a 400Mbps FireWire interface, both LaCie Big Disks are suited for space-hungry applications such as 2D or 3D imaging, photo databases, music and digital video. For instance, a 500GB LaCie Big Disk can store two days of uncompressed digital video.

The drives are hot pluggable and instantly recognized by any FireWire equipped computer. Mac OS X users do not need to install a driver.

The 400GB drive costs £703, while the 500GB costs £762. Prices include a two-year warranty, Silverlining disk utilities and SilverKeeper easy back-up software for Macs. LaCie FireWire host-adaptors are available from LaCie resellers at £22.