LaCie has announced a stylish new hard disk designed by Porsche Design. The Data Bank features a sleek, ingot-shaped magnesium design. It has almost credit-card dimensions, and is thinner than a mobile phone - measuring 111mm-x-63mm-x-13mm.

The five-ounce hard drive stores up to 20GB. It has built-in USB 2.0 and FireWire ports, and, according to LaCie, is "hot-pluggable on nearly all computers" and requires no AC adaptor. LaCie boasts that it won't need any drivers to work with Mac OS X.

Dirk Schmauser, managing director from Porsche Design, described the Data Bank: "The geometric character of the device expresses mobile and desktop functions simultaneously. The symbolic correlation of the function, the design of the product and its name is evident: a high-tech high-end data-storage device in the archaic form of a gold bar (ingot) with the typical rough engravings carrying the name 'Data Bank'."

The Data Bank will be available in this month, at these prices (excluding VAT): 5GB, £139, 10GB, £189; and 20GB; £229.