LaCie has released its 18.1-inch Photon18vision flat-panel monitor in the UK.

The model supports multiple resolutions of up to 1,280-x-1,024dpi, and is the smaller relative to the company's existing 20-inch Photon20vision screen.

Encased in LaCie's trademark dark-blue casing, the product offers increased brightness and contrast, and can swivel up to 160-degrees. It incorporates a constant backlight, designed to minimize eye strain and flicker. It can also be detached from its base in order to wall-mount the monitor if required.

"With such a small footprint and thin design, this display is ideal for professionals looking for a completely customizable solution," said Luc Brunet, LaCie product

The monitor ships this month, and costs £499 (excluding VAT). It ships with an ADC-to-DVI adaptor and a DVI-DVI cable.