The Acrobat User Forum will appear at Digital Solutions 2001 on November 28 to host a session called "What is Network Publishing?"

The session will focus on developing a UK perspective for Network Publishing and the use of digital-print technologies by UK publishers, printers and repro-houses. Digital Solutions offers an exhibition full of solutions for professional users in these markets.

The AUF will take a look at Adobe's vision for Network Publishing, suggesting that its progress will be slowed in the UK by lack of bandwidth. The AUF believes this means paper-based publishing will remain significant here for some time to come. This is because adoption of broadband technologies is slower in the UK. Adobe believes that by 2003 there will be 618 million wireless Internet devices and 72 million broadband-ready homes globally. The AUF points out that these early adopters will not be evenly distributed across the planet.

However, the AUF also proposes that Internet-based digital solutions will continue to be adopted quickly by professional publishers as they adopt modern workflows and technologies.

Adobe believes Network Publishing represents the third wave of technology, following the DTP revolution of the 80s and the rise of the Internet in the 90s. Adobe CEO Bob Chizen said: "Network Publishing is a new category of publishing, coming after the desktop-publishing and Web-publishing waves. It allows for the delivery of visually rich, reliable information anywhere, anytime on any type of device – many of which are wireless."

Digital Solutions runs from November 27-29 at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands.