Apple resellers have filed a class action suit against Apple in the Californian courts.

They allege that the company failed to honour service contracts and warranties, failed to properly license repair and service businesses properly, stole trade secrets from its own resellers, and sold used computer equipment as new.

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday, just as President George W Bush was signing a bill to curb class-action lawsuits. Unfortunately for Apple, the new law will not affect this lawsuit.

The plaintiffs include Apple dealer Elite Computers & Software who claim that Apple undercut it by selling product in its own stores at a net loss.

Elite founder Thomas Armes told Forbes: "When no-one else would look at Apple, we were there. We were once Apple specialists and now we're legal specialists. We are welcoming any other interested parties that would like to discuss or possibly join our group."

The suit has been filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco on behalf of consumers and Apple resellers. It aims to represent any person in the US who purchased Apple products or repair services since January 1, 1995.