Apple legal has forced Linux developer Tex9 to change the name of its open source xtunes project to sumi.

Xtunes is designed to bring iTunes-like features to the Linux OS. Apple's legal team wrote to Tex9, claiming the software to be guilty of copyright and trademark infringement. Apple felt xtunes was also close to iTune's look-and-feel, and that the product's name was too similar to iTunes.

Tex9 took legal advice, after which it concluded that “our desire to keep the name xtunes and its current interface is much less than the time and money it would cost to try to do it. Thus, we are accepting their requests”.

The company added: "Overall, our experience with Apple's attorney was amicable and we hope the relationship continues as such.

"The xtunes project started in response to jealousy over how easy it was for our Mac friends to burn CDs, rip CDs, and manage their digital music. iTunes inspired us to create something similar for Linux. We never tried to make an exact copy of iTunes, visually or operationally.”