Apple continues to change the music ecosystem, opening up channels for new artists to promote and distribute their music via iTunes.

When Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in the UK in May 2004 many were disappointed by the limited availability of independent labels. While there is still criticism that the UK's thriving independent sector is not adequately represented through the store, many new artists are now reaping the benefits from online releases through iTunes.

Anglo-Swedish independent solo artist LeCain is using Apple's iTunes to exclusively release his debut single "Nothing At All" and the accompanying B-Side "No Chance For Remorse".

LeCain told Macworld that Apple's music download site is fundamental to the marketing of his alternative indie music. Quite simply, it broadens the markets of distribution for his work.

"iTunes is now part of the fundamental strategy in promoting my music. It's not only given me the ability to expose my music globally but also to control distribution via different territories. It's particularly important when signing deals in certain countries. My distribution deal gives me power to exclude as many or as little territories as is relevant to my circumstances," he said.

Good fortune

However, although iTunes allows artists such as LeCain to widen sales globally, he points out that not everyone has the same chances of that exposure.

"I am one of the fortunate artists that has a distribution deal through a UK company, but I think it would be harder for upcoming artists that don't have the same backing."

LeCain's new single "Nothing At All" and "No Chance For Remorse" are out now on iTunes with the second single "The Bedsheets Between Us" and its B-Side "The Locking Box" available for download on iTunes from November 1.