Printer manufacturer Lexmark has voluntarily recalled 39,431 of its laser printers.

The potentially faulty machines were sold under the Lexmark, IBM and Dell brands. The company has recalled these products because they could short circuit and potentially give users an electric shock. No such incidents have been reported, but internal testing at the company showed the fault could emerge after several years of use.

In the UK, Lexmark is conducting a voluntary recall of the E230, E232, E232t, E330, E332, E332n, and E332tn models. If a printer was acquired before August 20, 2004, it is subject to recall, if not it may be - there's more information on this here.

Be careful!

"For safety reasons, we ask that you unplug your printer from its power source before checking to see if you have one of the printers subject to this recall. In case your printer is connected to an ungrounded power source, we ask that you not open the covers, not turn off the printer, not touch the back of the printer, and not touch anything else connected to the printer prior to unplugging it."

This recall is being done in cooperation with consumer safety agencies around the world.