LG.Philips has developed a 100in TFT (thin film transistor) LCD (liquid crystal display) panel, the company announced today.

The company claimed that the 100in panel is the largest in the world, and comparable in size to the largest PDP (plasma display panel) currently available.

The 100in panel is a widescreen LCD TV panel with a screen width and height exceeding 2.2 metres and 1.2 metres, respectively. The panel offers 6.2 million pixels, full HD (high definition) picture quality and can reproduce 1.07 billion colours, the company said.

The product also features the latest technologies, such as a maximum 3000:1 contrast ratio, colour reproduction of 92 per cent, and an 180-degree viewing angle based on Super IPS (Super In-Plane Switching) and super-large compensation film technologies.

LG Philips did not say when the product would be available or its suggested retail price.