Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Don Foster MP has praised Ofcom for its plans to decriminalise the use iTrips and other FM transmitters that make it possible to listen to an iPod through a car radio.

The Liberal Democrat party claims that it has been campaigning tirelessly for a change to the legal status of the iTrip.

Foster commented: "I am delighted that Ofcom have ended this ludicrous ban based on 1940's legislation. For two years Liberal Democrats have campaigned tirelessly for a change to the rules which threatened two years imprisonment to music lovers using iTrips."

He clarifies: "We have repeatedly raised the issue in the House and have been in close consultation with Ofcom and industry representatives. This decision by Ofcom will not only regulate a booming black market and provide the country with valuable tax revenue, but also enable the iPod generation to enjoy their music using the latest gadgets."