Justin Long - the 'Mac Guy' from Apple's US 'Get A Mac' commercials - gets asked more than his share of technical support questions.

Interviewed by the Washington Post, Long reveals that he's often approached by Mac users who believe he must be expert in all things Mac from his appearance in the ads.

Long ruefully admits that he can just about use iTunes.

His identification with Apple has thrown up a plumb role for him - he was approached to act beside major Mac fan, Bruce Willis, in the latest film, Live Free or Die Hard.

Long appears as the hacker helper to Willis in a battle against a band of cyber terrorists.

"The funny thing is, Bruce knows far more about computers than I do and was always on the computer, working the webcam," Long told the Washington Post. "I'm really, really bad with gadgets and any kind of computer thing."

So obstinate in fact that Long spurned Apple's offer of a free iPhone for the actor…