LifeGuru has released SurfFast, an application designed to improve Internet experiences.

It's available for both Mac OS X and OS 9, and offers users control of what happens when they are online.

The software can be configured to block pop-up windows, eliminate banner ads, disable Flash and Shockwave movies, stop background music, remove page and table background images, ignore advertising/tracking cookies, prevent JavaScript code from executing when entering and exiting pages, and filter resources based on their properties and content.

The company said: "We are thrilled to release SurfFast, the first appliction of its kind, to the Mac audience. It's ease-of-use, features and flexible configuration will appeal to a wide range of users."

The software requires that CarbonLib be installed, and currently costs $9.95 (usual price $19.95). A free trial version (with free email tech support) is available.