NewTek will be demonstrating the newly-released LightWave 7 3D at Apple's UK headquarters on November 28.

It's the year's biggest LightWave 3D event. NewTek's Andy Bishop will present the new features in the application, including Digital Confusion, Motion Mixers, the Spreadsheet Editor, HyperVoxels, SkyTracer and Sasquatch Lite.

The company will also demonstrate the product's integration with DVD-production and video-editing tools.

Training LightWave distributor, Gomark will present its range of training resources for the application.

Special show prices will be available on the day, and attendees will receive a free NewTek pack, including a LightWave Tips and Tricks DVD, a CD-ROM containing sample models and plug-in try outs, and discount certificates for Gomark's training courses.

The event runs between 1pm and 5:30pm at Apple HQ in Stockley Park, Middlesex. To register please email or call Jacqui Smith at Gomark (020 7610 8686).