UK developer, LightWorks has updated its eponymous rendering solution to support multithreaded rendering in Mac OS X.

Company co-founder Woll Newall said: "By building on the reliable multi-threading support in the core of OS X we’ve achieved performance improvements second to none, giving our application-developer customers a major advantage."

LightWorks claims developers will see “up to 198 per cent performance improvements” with the solution when used on a dual-processor Power Mac G4.

The solution is widely used as a rendering engine for 3D design - it's embedded in 70 software applications, and used by 750,000 people worldwide, the company claims. Such applications include Form Z and VectorWorks.

LightWorks is not an end-user product, but a rendering engine that ntegrated into other products from other developers. More information concerning LightWorks is available online.