Music equipment manufacturer Line 6 has revealed some good news for Mac-using musicians.

Line 6 is also hatching plans to collaborate with Apple on future Guitarists and the Mac seminars. "We're putting a date together with Line 6 endorsees the Kaiser Chiefs," the company said.

The company has confirmed that all its GuitarPort products will be Mac compatible from August 8. These systems combine hardware and software to create studio-quality sound processing solutions for guitarists.

Line 6 has also confirmed that its newest USB TonePort KB37 product is Mac compatible, as were the two preceeding TonePort products. The latest product delivers guitar, bass, and vocal tone with the added convenience of an integrated keyboard controller. It ships with Line 6 GearBox modelling software, which provides a collection of 16 guitar and five bass amp/cab models, 30 stompbox and studio effects, and six models of high-end studio microphone preamps. It also offers a wide range of other useful features for Mac using guitarists, and costs £259 (including VAT).

Finally, the company will ship a series of GearBox plug-in bundles in October. Essentially these offer a range of classic, vintage and studio effects, and can emulate a range of amps and speaker cabinets for guitarists seeking a particular feel in their sound. The Silver Bundle costs £239, while the Gold Bundle costs £429. The latter version carries any more effects - 78 guitar amps as opposed to 18 in the Silver Bundle.