Linux developer Arkeia has announced Mac OS X support in its back-up solution, Arkeia - the latest of many Linux and Unix apps to be ported to Apple's operating system.

Arkeia 5 is a network back-up solution. It now supports Mac OS X 10.1 or above, and offers a plug-in to safeguard Mac MySQL databases. It also supports Mac OS X Server.

Currently available as beta, the OS X client will back up all files ? including documents, applications and system files. Users can ask the back-up application to preserve privilege information and special file-system features, such as Mac OS resource forks and Finder attributes.

Company CEO Phil Roussel said: "Thousands of heterogeneous networks around the world include Macs within their business. We're filling a gap in the environment for companies that need professional solutions that handle heterogeneous network back-up. As one of the leading developers of enterprise software for open-source environments new ground in solutions for such networks."

Arkeia is also providing protection for MySQL operating on OS X computers, for both offline and online databases. Arkeia developed this plug-in to enable users to protect information on MySQL's widely used open-source database, which is pre-installed on Xserves.

Bertrand Matthelie, MySQL AB's director of alliances, said: "MySQL is shipped with Mac OS X server and is becoming very popular as a high-performance database solution on Macs. By offering a MySQL plug-in, Arkeia is providing an additional level of protection for MySQL data on the Mac, which supports the development of high-end MySQL database applications."

Both the OS X client and MySQL plug-in are available for download at Arkeia's site.