The best way to run Unix on a personal computer is to buy a Mac, according to an advocate of Linux.

Mercury News' technology columnist writes: "I still think the best way for an average person to run Unix, the super-sturdy operating system on which Linux is based, on a personal computer is to buy a Macintosh from Apple. OS X has many capabilities that even the best versions of Linux can't match so far."

The reporter describes how his 4-year-old IBM laptop has been "rejuvenated" by Linux – which he is running through Xandros Desktop OS 2.0.

But he admits he is not ready to ditch his Mac in favour of Linux: "Linux may be just fine for a second desktop system at home. But for corporate road-warriors it's still not quite ready."

"I had a terrible time with a wireless card. It recognized our home network, but I couldn't get onto the Internet despite every tweak I tried. Of course, I had similar trouble with a nearly new Windows laptop a few months ago. Only the Mac does wireless right at this point," he explained.

But he thinks it is only a matter of time before Linux catches up: "The missing pieces, such as an easy way to connect to my corporate network remotely – a relatively trivial task with Windows, the Mac and several other Linux flavours – still are daunting. The way the Linux community works, I figure these will be filled in soon."