Linux creator and self-confessed "media whore" Linus Torvalds has admitted he is using a Mac as his main desktop.

Torvald told ZDNet Australia: "My main machine these days is a dual 2GHz G5. It's physically a regular Apple Mac, although it obviously only runs Linux, so I don't think you can call it a Mac any more.

"As to the why... Part of it is simply that I wanted to try something else, and I felt like there were enough people testing the x86 side that it certainly didn't need me. Part of it is that I personally believe there are two main architectures out there: Power [the PowerPC chip is used in the Power Mac] and x86-64 are what I think are the two most relevant ones, and I decided that I had to at least check the other side of it out seriously if I really believed that."

This isn't the only reason however. Torvalds admitted: "Oh, and part of it is that I got the machine for free. I'm really a technology whore."

Torvald revealed that he was no longer using a x86 processor in his main desktop machine in a forum posting in February, despite the fact that he had "single-handedly revolutionized the use of Unix on the x86 platform, according to