Apple UK will attend Linux Expo UK 2002 next month at Olympia 2 in London October 9 and 10.

The company hopes to "reaffirm its support for the Linux community" through its participation there. Apple intends to showcase "Mac OS X, the Unix-based OS renowned for its stability, ease of use and networking capabilities", at the show.

Linux Expo organizers hope this year's event will show the "open source revolution at its best". Analyst firm the Gartner Group in December predicted: "Linux will definitely have the fastest growth in 2002. It stood at almost 50 per cent over 2001."

One impact of open source development has been the development of an industry-wide consensus that open standards are the way forward.

Despite its work with open source developers, Microsoft's recent releases for online multimedia have retained proprietary standards.

Commenting on this during Apple Expo Paris last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs remarked: "History shows that open standards will win in the end."