A group of former Apple employees have joined forces to begin the Eazel project, aiming at creating a groundbreaking Linux graphical user interface (GUI).

The founders say: "Eazel intends making Linux the desktop of choice for millions of people. To achieve this we are creating the next-generation user interface software, and services designed to make Linux easier to use."

The collective includes Mike Boich (President and co-founder), who joined Apple in 1982 to work on the Macintosh project. he was also the founder member of Apple's software evangelism effort for the Mac, and co-founder of Radius. Other former Apple employees involved in the project include Andy Hertzfeld, responsible for the design and implementation of the original Mac OS and Mike Homer, a senior vice president of AOL.

The company is firmly committed to open source. Its software is being developed in the public eye, and will be released under the GNU General Public License. Eazel intends launching its software and services later this year.