Apple's PowerBook and iBook products have "won a place in the hearts" of Linux users, a leading Linux figure has revealed.

The products have been shortlisted in the Best Linux Hardware category in the new LinuxUser and Developer awards.

The awards will be presented at the Network Industry Awards ceremony in Birmingham on June 24. The LinuxUser and Developer Expo 2003 runs June 24-26.

LinuxUser and Developer news and Web editor Daniel James said: "Apple's products have won a place in Linux user's hearts because they can run Linux on them, not for the pre-loaded Mac OS X software. You can run Linux on just about any processor, including the G4," he said.

Popular Linux distributions for the PowerPC architecture include Mandrake, Suse and Yellow Dog.

James added: "PowerPC chips are used in some high-end IBM servers as well as Macs, only IBM call them just 'Power' chips because the computers are obviously not PCs".