Lloyds TSB is testing a tough new security system for its Internet banking customers with a system that offers Mac support, the bank confirmed today.

Fairly unique among UK online banks, Lloyds offers Mac support as standard, and a representative confirmed the company has no plans to discontinue such support: "Lloyds will continue to offer Mac support."

The bank is testing a new way for customers to log in to their online accounts. It's testing its system with the help of 30,000 customers, who are testing a key ring sized 'Access Code Device'.

This device generates a unique, one time only, six digit number that customers enter when they log on, in a move to prevent fraud.

The representative also confirmed the new system to be Mac-compatible.
Customers using the system log on in the usual way, but use an instantly-generated Access Code as part of the system. They hit a button on the device to get the code when they need it, the banking system then verifies that code. Bill payments are also authorised with the device.
Matthew Timms, Internet banking director, said: "Fraudsters are becoming increasingly cunning with their tactics, and there's no hiding the fact that fraud is on the increase."
The bank also offers Windows users a free PC security scan and 20 per cent discount on anti-malware software from Zone Labs. If customers take "reasonable steps" to keep their security information safe, Lloyds will also refund their money in the event of fraud.