Emagic will soon introduce support for DigiDesign's DAE audio drivers for Logic Platinum, Macworld can confirm.

Emagic – the music-software company acquired by Apple in July – released Logic Platinum 5.3 for Mac OS X this month.

The application offers digital-audio recording and editing, digital-signal processing, software instruments, MIDI sequencing and music-notation features.

The release offers no support for DAE, the audio driver for DigiDesign's widely-used ProTools hardware, though the company said this was "planned" when making the release.

DigiDesign partnering programs director Ed Gray told Macworld: "Now that Logic Audio has shipped as an OS X version, and Pro Tools is soon to be released for OS X, we’re working with Emagic to make sure that this compatibility is available as soon as possible."

He said the task required "straightforward" engineering support from his company. "We are providing that now," he confirmed.

"We’ll have more news on the OS X release of Pro Tools and the compatible version of Logic Audio shortly. In the meantime, we want Macworld readers to know that we're actively working on this important feature," he confirmed.

Emagic will deliver Pro Tools compatibility not as a built-in feature, but as a separately sold extension, Emagic PTHD|Ext System Extension Software.