Apple has announced that two new versions of Logic 6 will be available in March. It made the announcement at the National Association of Music Manufacturers event in California.

Logic is used by over 200,000 musicians worldwide, and the upgrade is part of Apple's efforts to "streamline its award-winning, professional audio production software line".

The two versions of Logic 6 that will be available are Logic Pro 6 for professional musicians and Logic Express 6 for students and educators.

Apple’s vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "Logic has set the standard for professional music production with its comprehensive set of tools, including sample-accurate software instruments, non-destructive real-time editing and sophisticated DSP effects and mastering.

“Until today, a lot of the power and flexibility of the Logic product line came from additional plug-ins and add-ons. Now, these are all included in Logic Pro 6 at one affordable price.”

Recording studio in a box

Logic Pro 6 includes Logic Platinum, an audio recording and sequencer application, and 53 audio DSP plug-ins and software instruments.

Apple describes Logic Pro 6 as a "recording studio in a box with everything professional musicians and audio engineers need to compose, record, edit and mix their music, including professional software instruments, multitrack recorders, mixing desks and sound effect processors".

Logic Pro 6 also includes the ability to create 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, support for up to 128 audio tracks, virtually unlimited input channels and a sample rate of up to 192k.

Logic Express 6 features a basic set of professional tools to compose and produce music with sophisticated results, according to Apple. It includes 28 effect plug-ins and sample-based software instruments, support for 48 audio tracks, 12 input channels and a sample rate of up to 96k.

Apple is describing Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express 6 as part of its "complete line of music creation tools that address the needs of consumers, students, educators, creative pros and professional musicians alike". These tools include GarageBand and its add-on, Jam Pack, at the entry level, and Apple’s Soundtrack music production tool.

Logic Pro 6 combines 12 products in one package. It will cost £699 (including VAT). Logic Express 6 provides a basic set of professional tools. It will cost £199 (including VAT). A deal is available for those wishing to upgrade from previous versions.

Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express 6 will be available in March. UK Emagic dealer Soundtech is offereing further information on its Web site.

Apple also previewed its next generation of Pro Audio Technology at NAMM.