Logitech this morning announced a new range of remote-controlled iPod speaker systems, the AudioStation and AudioStation Express.

AudioStation system

The $299 AudioStation system is described by the company as its "best-sounding, most powerful and most complete iPod speaker system". It carries a Universal Dock connector and ships in Europe in October.

The stereo speaker system (two tweeter speakers and a sub-woofer) boasts an all-in-one design, measuring 16 x 4.25 x 7.25-inches. Like the Apple iPod HiFi, the system sits happily on shelves or small tables, however, unlike Apple's speaker system, Logitech's integrates a digital AM/FM radio tuner.

The system is black with a removeable cloth grille in front of the speakers. All its controls are touch-sensitive and illuminated by LED lights. Controls include on/off, volum up/down, radio station select and an input control to switch between the iPod and other audio devices, (a 3.5mm line in input features in the unit).

Above the control panel, the system carries a large LCD screen that shows information such as radio station channels, the time, or an audio spectrum analyser. The LCD also can display track information using Radio Data System (RDS) for FM stations that support RDS.

AudioStation Express

Logitech's new AudioStation Express product is a set of well-featured portable white iPod all-in-one speakers. The company promises a durable design, protective case and a wireless remote. The device can be both battery or AC-powered.

"Our research has shown us unambiguously what people value in portable iPod speakers: durability and flexibility," said Jef Holove, vice president of product marketing for Logitech's audio business. "The AudioStation Express delivers directly on consumer desires, enabling people to play and share their music, around the home on AC power or outside on batteries, with a design that's durable enough to withstand a variety of environments."

The speakers cost $129.99.

UK prices have been requested.