Reports that Apple plans to open a store on London's Regent Street continue to receive a mixed reaction from UK resellers.

Jeanne Razzell of Systems Support said: "We wish Apple would put just 1 per cent of the money it will spend on this project into a joint venture with resellers.

"But we had been expecting it for ages and we do not anticipate it being a problem."

Mark Hotter of MacWarehouse doesn’t feel threatened by Apple's "latest endeavour to bring the Mac to the masses". He told Macworld: "Some resellers see it as a threat, likely to impact their business, but MacWarehouse remains positive.

"The new flagship store will increase Apple's brand presence in the UK, and will provide customers with a good opportunity to experience the quality of Apple's products first hand."

He added: "The store will raise the bar for Apple resellers throughout the UK. Customers will be very aware of the level of expertise and customer service that is expected, and accept nothing but the best.

"Apple's flagship store in London, coupled with MacWarehouse, will provide computer users and the digital generation the best Mac experience in the UK ever."