Apple's Regent Street retail store will host several performances as part of a major West End music and fashion festival.

"This year's City Showcase festival takes place across London's West End from September 5-9, and several performances will be held at the Apple Store, Regent Street. All performances will be free and will take place at lunchtime," the company says. (Between 1-2pm, it adds).

Now in its third year, the festival aims to showcase the most promising emerging talents in music and fashion.

Apple will host five performances during the five-day festival: Yorkshire-born singer-songwriter Jon Lacey on September 5; Emma Rohan performs in-store on September 6; Coldplay associate Jon Allen on September 7; Eric Tendai on September 8 and Newton Faulkner performs in the store on September 9.

The City Showcase website details all the events held as part of the festival.