Quark offered attendees a glance at QuarkXPress 7 yesterday.

The company lifted XPress 7's skirts briefly at TypoTechnica 2005, describing the forthcoming version as the "most significant upgrade in the products' history".

Attendees were given a one-hour demonstration of the product. The core text engine has been rewritten and tweaked in order to deliver full supportr for Unicode and OpenType. A new feature called Font Fallback has also made its debut, reports Publish magazine.

A new Glyph Palette is in development, which offers a pop-up menu to access fonts, grouping and searching for fonts and glyphs. OpenType support has been vastly improved.

The company also stressed its new customer-focused approach: "In 2003, Quark attended six events worldwide. In 2004, that had increased to nearly 40, and that's something we're going to continue. Quark in 2005 is a very different company from a few years ago,", Quark's UK marketing director Gavin Drake said.