As Apple prepares to beta-test its next major operating system revision, Panther, next month, short videos have emerged to show Microsoft's debt to the company.

Microsoft is preparing its new operating system - code-named Longhorn - for release in late 2005. Its the successor to Windows XP, and is considered to be one of the most important launches ever for the company.

ExtremeTech is hosting three short videos detailing elements of Longhorn's user interface. These movies were purportedly smuggled out of the Windows Hardware Engineering conference last month, when certain Longhorn features were discussed.

One movie clearly shows a window featuring an OS X-like genie effect. To make this a little different, Microsoft has made the window ripple in a curtain-closing-like effect across the screen as it disapears. The videos are available in QuickTime, Real Media and Windows Media formats.

A voice, dimly heard within the videos, describes the movies as concept videos of the forthcoming user interface.