Digital media company Loudeye has appointed Jason Berman, chairman of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) to its board of directors.

Loudeye's chairman of the board Anthony Bay said: "We are extremely pleased to have Jay join the Loudeye board. Loudeye plays an important and growing role as a leading technology and services partner for the music industry. Jay's knowledge, experience and relationships resulting from 30 plus years in the media and entertainment industry, combined with more than 15 years leading the two primary global music industry trade associations, will help ensure Loudeye's continued success in the global digital music market and enable us to build closer relationships with key content owners and rights holders."

Berman has served as Chairman Emeritus of the IFPI since January 2005. Before that he was chairman and CEO of the organisation. The IFPI is the trade organization of the international recording industry whose members comprise more than 1,500 record producers and distributors worldwide.

Berman has previously served as president and chairman of the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA. Since February 2005, he has served on the Board of Musicloads.

The Emeritus title suggests that Berman is set to retire from the IFPI at some point in the immediate future.