People are ready for podcasting because "radio is so boring now," according to iPodder creator Adam Curry.

Speaking of his new podcast show, soon to 'air' on US digital radio station Sirius, he told Wired: "These are things we haven't heard on radio for the past 20 to 30 years. Using the theatre of the mind, using sound as art - this is something we've forgotten how to do in radio."

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Curry notes the case of the Catholic priest who podcasted from the Vatican around the time the pope died. "He was walking through places you could not go, deep inside that complex, and it totally blew me away. There hasn't been any place on the radio dial where you'll hear those kinds of shows," said Curry.

Podcasts also benefit because the FCC does not regulate them, explains Curry. "Although they are required to abide by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act - which creates some funky restrictions", he adds. "You can't do things like play two songs by an artist back-to-back. Silly. But they are more free than FM radio, and this makes interesting things possible."

But the one thing podcasting lacks is advertisers. "We really need more listeners to come in, to make podcasting in general more attractive for advertising," he admits.