Lycos has released a screensaver for the Mac and Windows platforms that will attack spammers.

The screensaver, called Make Love Not Spam, will constantly visit Web sites from which spam has been sent. The aim is to flood the spammer's server with so many requests that it is unable to respond – resulting in what is know as a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

According to The Register, DDoS attacks are considered to be illegal, but Lycos says the attack will stop short of denying service completely, sending only 95% of the requests to the spammer's Web site.

Lycos intends that the spammers operation costs will be raised as a result of being overloaded by requests being made at the same time by screensavers installed on machines across Europe.

Lycos said: "The more users download and use the screen saver, the lower the performance of the sites sending out the spam, and the greater the costs for the operators."

The screensaver shows a map indicating where the Web server currently being attacked is located. Various permanently displayed live data show how many users are currently taking part in the attack and whether the performance of the server under attack is suffering to the extent desired, writes Boost Marketing.