Dreystone Software has released its intriguing Productivity 1.0 software.

The application basically monitors what you do on your Mac in an attempt to help users evaluate the productivity of their day, week, month or year.

It employs Mac OS X's existing system monitor tools, but extends it by supplying different ways to analyse such data. It can tell users which applications they have used most that day, how much time they spend on the web or in email, and even help answer questions about specific software: "Did I use this application or that application most today?"

Every second, Productivity records the foreground application, how long you have been using it, and the average CPU usage. Checks are also made on user interaction, recording use of the mouse, keyboard or other input devices.

The software can also average out the data it collects to present users with generalised information reflecting typical working patterns.

A demo version of the $15 software is available now.