Mac marketshare is growing across US college campuses, according to a report in the Pioneer Press (registration required).

The report explains that Macs have risen far above the average 5 per cent usage on US campuses of five years ago to an average 36 per cent today.

The report cites some clear examples of this, with Mac marketshare numbers: Dartmouth College (43 per cent Macs), University of Virginia (30 per cent Macs), Cornell (21 per cent), and Wilkes University (planned to be 100 per cent Apple by 2010).

It says: "Apple's Mac once was an endangered species in US higher education amid the brand's market doldrums and Microsoft's seemingly unassailable Windows dominance. Now, the Mac is back in a big way."

Students like the Mac's near-immunity to PC-type viruses and spyware, and the fact they can run Windows and Mac OS X thanks to virtualisation software, including Boot Camp.

Roberta Lembke, St. Olaf's director of information and instructional technologies. Apple "support is excellent, its quality is excellent (at a time when some) PC makers have seen a nosedive in the quality of their products, (causing) consumers to lose confidence."