Apple's USB Bluetooth adaptor is available now from the UK Apple Store.

The D-Link DWB-120M USB Bluetooth Adapter was temporarily unavailable until at least 8pm last night in the UK, however it can now be bought for £41.13.

The D-Link DWB-120M USB Bluetooth Adapter enables short-range wireless voice and data connectivity between computers and Bluetooth-enabled digital devices – such as personal digital assistants and cellular phones.

Bluetooth is an open specification for wireless data transmission that operates on the globally available 2.4GHz radio frequency. Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other within a 30-foot range.

Apple has also posted Bluetooth Preview 2.1 for Mac OS X , the newest version of its software that enables wireless data transfers to Bluetooth devices. Macintosh users will be able to use a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for Internet connection, perform a HotSync operation with a Palm handheld device, and exchange files between two Bluetooth enabled computers.