HP is more interested in the Mac market than the PC market because of the Mac's dominance in the graphics market.

HP’s European head of the Mac connect group Winfried Tilke told IT-Enquirer: "About 80 per cent of photographers and graphics designers use Macs for their creative tasks, and that market is still growing fast."

According to Tilke the Mac market is healthier with more capacity to grow than the PC market. He explained: "When PC-related sales increase by 10 per cent, the Mac-related market increases by 30 per cent, and when PC sales decreases by 10 per cent, Mac sales drop but not so dramatically.”

Tilke revealed that HP often tests new concepts or interfaces on the Mac platform first. It is only when it works flawlessly on the Mac, that the company starts the development phase for Windows, reports IT-Enquirer.

For example, HP has placed a lot of importance on compatibility with Apple's Rendezvous technology and was one of the first to include Apple's Rendezvous capability with its products. With Rendezvous it is possible to connect a network or Macs and printers and other gadgets with zero-configuration.

Tilke explained: "HP has a great deal invested in Rendezvous functionality because the mixed environment at our Mac Connect group demands simplicity in networking setup. If it works in this environment, it will work anywhere."

Windows XP Professional also supports zero-configuration – but not to such a high level as Apple's Mac OS X. "Microsoft has implemented a level 1 functionality, whereas Apple has implemented the full functionality. Our products operate on level 2 as well, which enables them to be used on both platforms, but with their full capabilities enabled on the Mac only," said Tilke.