Macworld has learned that Corel has discontinued its CorelDraw Graphics Suite product for Macs. Chairman Derek Burney revealed the news during a meeting last night.

The product consisted of CorelDraw for illustration, page-layout and vector drawing; Corel Photo-Paint for digital imaging; and Corel R.A.V.E. for motion-graphics creation.

Burney said: "Corel has not experienced that much demand for this product from Mac users." He added that 96 per cent of Corel Graphics Suite sales have been of the Windows version of the software, and observed that the ten per cent of sales to Mac users "were insuffficient to justify Mac development of the product."

Corel's EMEA communications manager Clare Shephard told Macworld: "Despite Corel's aggressive development and marketing efforts in support of Mac OS X, we didn't generate the response among customers of CorelDraw Graphics Suite necessary to warrant further development of this product for the Mac platform."

She repeated Burney's revelation that:"The overwhelmingly majority(96 per cent) of CorelDraw Graphics Suite customers are based on Windows, and this trend has remained relatively consistent through recent versions," she said.

The company has no plans to end development of its remaining Mac products, she confirmed, saying: "For the Mac market, Corel will focus its energies and resources on  products like Corel Painter that enjoy strong support within this community."