Apple's .Mac Web service had a bad week last week, with several outages afflicting the service from June 19.

On Friday Apple published a message to .Mac members, admitting the problem.

Apple said: "The first outage, which affected access to HomePage content, appears to have begun mid-evening on Wednesday, June 19, and was resolved mid-morning on Thursday, June 20. The next outage, which affected access to all aspects of .Mac, appears to have begun in the early morning of June 20, and was resolved several hours later."

The company said .Mac's Mail performance was slow, with delivery to and from .Mac accounts being delayed. "No mail will be lost", Apple said.

Many .Mac users were also angry because Apple's .Mac system status messages did not reflect the problems, meaning users spent time vainly looking for a fault on their Macs.

Apple's response was: "We regret the lack of parity between the .Mac system status message, and actual outages of the various .Mac services.

"All levels of .Mac management have been made aware of this discrepancy, and we will resolve this procedural matter as soon as possible."

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