Mac reseller Gordon Harwood Computers (GHC) and the UK police are appealing for information that could lead to the arrest of two men for stealing a 17-inch PowerBook and two iPods from GHC.

The men, illustrated here, robbed the showroom on Friday July 11 between 2 and 3 pm. They spent 20 minutes in the showroom. Their images were captured by the video surveillance system there. Pretending not to know each other, the accomplices spent much of their time talking on mobiles as they observed the showroom, picking their moment to rob the reseller.

GHC's managing director Giles Harwood explained: "They worked in such a way that while one distracted staff, the other left with two iPods, returning later to assist the other in stealing the PowerBook.

"They were similar in appearance, possibly brothers, both having shaved or close-cropped hair, wearing spectacles and about five foot ten inches tall. One was heavier set and appeared to be in his mid to late forties. He wore dark jeans and a white shirt, tucked-in. The other thief was thinner, late thirties and wearing jeans with a blue shirt that was not tucked-in."

Police investigating the incident believe that both men have most likely stolen in this way before.

GHC has clear video footage of the theft. If Macworld readers would like to see it – or know who the thieves are – please call GHC on 01773 836 781, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. The crime number is CR54955-03.