Stephen King's new online book, Riding the Bullet, will soon be accessible to Macintosh users

The release of the e-book on the Internet caused consternation among Mac-owning Stephen King fans earlier this week, because the software needed to read the book was PC-only.

However, publisher Simon & Schuster has posted a note on its Web site, indicating that it is now working with vendors to produce a Mac version. King fans can sign up to receive email notification of its availability.

According to MacCentral, the decision to provide a Mac solution came from the writer himself, after receiving e-mails from frustrated Mac owners. King's assistant, Marsha DeFilippo, said: "We did not realize that Mac users would not be able to download Riding the Bullet. As a loyal Macintosh user himself, Stephen has made sure that this will be corrected and that it won't happen in the future."