A new independent US Mac group has been established to cater for the needs of small Mac-software developers.

The Independent Macintosh Developer's Group (IMDG) aims to address problems facing independent Mac-software developers.

IMDG founder John Kinsella said: "I'm a very new, very small Mac developer. I joined all the mailing lists and have read plenty of unhappy stories about Apple's treatment of small developers.

"It was obvious to me that small developers are overlooked by Apple because it has finite resources, and needs to please its biggest developers first."

He added: "The IMDG will give small developers the chance to come together and combine thoughts, ideas, wants and needs. They can then communication these needs to Apple as a group rather than as individuals."

To date, around 50 small developers have approached Kinsella, expressing an interest in the group, and more are contacting him each day.

"I firmly believe that IMDG can in time come to be seen by Apple as a single large developer. Hopefully that will allow Apple to focus on the needs of its smaller developers more effectively."