Aspyr has announced that its latest Mac port, Doom 3, has reached beta status.

The company describes the game as having a "dramatic storyline", featuring "pulse-pounding action and incredible graphics". These elements fit together to make Aspyr promise "the most frightening and gripping game experience ever created".

The action follows the discovery of teleportation technology amid the ruins of an ancient Martian civilization, with the player in the role of a marine sent to protect that technology. Then the invasion begins:

"In an epic clash against pure evil you must fight to understand who is with you, who is against you, and what must be done to stop this nightmare from reaching Earth."

Doom 3 is built on ID Software's new 3D graphics engine and has high system requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.6 or later; a G5 processor running at 1.5GHz or faster; 384+MB RAM; 2.2GB drive space; 64MB VRAM and a dedicated graphics card (ATI Radeon 8500, nVidia GeForce FX 5200 or batter) and a DVD drive.

Aspyr has also released a new utility for Mac gamers called Game Agent. This software checks a user's system specifications to let them know which Aspyr games will play on it, and how good their performance will be. It will also suggest system upgrades to improve performance. The utility will be released by Aspyr on December 13.