Emacsoftware has launched its electronic delivery (ESD) site exclusively for Apple/Macintosh users. The site allows users to log on, search for favourite software titles, and to purchase and download straight to the desktop.

Additional to its main business as a Macintosh software reseller are ancillary features that add value for end users. These include daily Apple news culled from Web sites, customer-submitted product reviews and immediate product-upgrade notification.

eMacsoftware.com’s CEO, Anthony Guerrero, said: "The idea of sitting on your balcony and remotely surfing the Web and answering your email is revolutionary. How better to complement that technology than by offering the ability to download all your software needs?"

eMacsoftware.com currently carries software from Activision, Alladin Systems, Alien Skin, Bare Bones, Extensis and Netopia.