A Mac is the driving force behind German console game Painstation.

The Painstation is the old-school arcade game Pong, with electric shocks added every time a player misses the ball. It's the brainchild of students from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany.

Opponents face each over the Painstation – a Mac set up in an arcade cabinet.

Players hold controls in their right hand while a Pain Execution Unit is attached to the left, creating an electric circuit.

The aim of the game is to beat the top score. If the player misses a ball, they experience electric shocks.

The loser is the first to black out or remove their left hand – breaking the circuit.

Volker Morawe, Roman Kirschne and Tilman Reiff are all involved in the project describing themselves as hardware carver, guinea pig and software poet respectively.

Morawe said: "We use Mac, because we are stupid, ungifted artists and artists are not interested in focusing on technical matters but on high-end concepts and ideas.

"The game could also run on PCs but players said it feels better on Macs. Right now we use an blue-white G3 Mac because
it is the most convenient for all skin types."

The game costs €1,000 to develop, but is not yet widely available.

The few consoles that are in circulation are in the Buero fuer Brauchbarkeit in Cologne Kalk, Germany.