If you'd love to update your Mac to one of the latest models, but can't quite justify the expense, help is at hand.

MacUpgrades.co.uk is a UK-based online source that offers Apple upgrades using parts from Sonnet Technologies, Giga-Designs, Hitachi Global Storage, EZQuest, Macally, Micron, ATTO, ATI, Pioneer and others. You can speed up your disk, enlarge your hard drive, even pop in some more RAM. The company can't give you an Intel processor though.

It’s a simple process to find your Mac in the list provided and identify the upgrades available. Select the upgrade and you will be given a guide to the difficulty and basic installation instructions. Almost all of Mac:Upgrade upgrades are user installable, but should the installation be beyond you, Mac:Upgrades offers a reasonably priced installation service.

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