Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has confirmed it has discontinued development of EverQuest for Mac.

The admission is carried on a forum community dedicated to EverQuest for Mac users. SOE has yet to confirm the admission directly with Macworld UK.

In full it reads: "As a company Sony Online Entertainment will not be making any changes or coding fixes to the Al Kabor server. This decision was a business decision made some time ago by our executive staff and still stands today. Even if we wanted to we could not do the changes as we have no programmers on staff that can accommodate the needs of the Mac. This is probably going to come as a blow to you and your friends but at this juncture this is the situation we are left with". The post was first recognized by Inside Mac Games.

EverQuest only made its debut on Mac in June last year, with its imminent arrival announced at Macworld Expo new York in July 2003.

Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing at SOE, then said: "Supporting the Mac platform is a logical step towards growing our online community and building a complete, interactive experience for gamers.

"Combine the power and stability of Mac OS X with Apple's outstanding desktop systems and you've got an incredible gaming environment that'll take full advantage of EverQuest's huge and seamless 3D world."

EverQuest launched in 1999 and has sold over two million copies to Windows users. During peak moments of gaming activity up to 118,000 players have explored EverQuest at once.

Macworld UK has requested further information pertaining to the news.

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