Debut moviemaker Jake Barnes is appealing for cast members to join iBrotha, his ten-minute study of people's passion for the Macintosh.

With the support of the British Film Council, the movie tells the story of a man so passionate about the platform that he turns into well-known revolutionary leader, Malcolm X.

Barnes explained: “I'm also passionate about Macs. I love the passion that the platform can inspire, though I also think it gets silly sometimes.”

Filming takes place in June over four days in London. "The key character needs to be a white man in his mid-twenties, so that he can take on the appearance of Malcolm X.

"His driving motive is to gain Apple Macs the respect they deserve as the best computing platform on the planet – by any means necessary,” Barnes said. This character is called Copland.

Other characters in this multi-cultural movie include: Newton, Copland's right hand man; Jameson, a Rastafarian from Birmingham; Zenden, an overweight mid-forties software programmer; Amrit, a sales assistant; and Gabur, founder and spiritual leader of the Temple of Mac, who is a mid-forties, bearded, paunchy character.

It's an independent, self-financed project. Pay is £38 plus expenses per day. Upon completion, iBrotha will be entered into "all the major competitions, with the backing of the British Film Council".

Prospective cast members are invited to write to the director.